Multi-chain Stake-To-Win platform

Birble – the first invest-and-win blockchain platform launching on Binance Smart Chain
The ultimate way to invest in new projects and be rewarded for doing so regardless of the success of the projects development. Birble is the 1st investment platform that allows individuals to invest in upcoming projects across multiple chains with limited to NO risk, only rewards!
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Through the deflationary mechanism of the $BRBL token, the community generates the reward fund to be distributed among all $BRBL holders through Stake-To-Win.


Transactions Fees – 5%

Tax Distribution

Every transaction generates fees in Birble tokens back to the ecosystem and this benefits everyone!



$BRBL Investment Club

2% of every transaction is collected into an investment fund that is controlled by the Birble DAO to invest in new projects.




Every 7 days, the system randomly selects 1000 winners who will share 80% of the fund among themselves, 20% goes to DEV Fund




A great project requires great marketing. With the help of the community, we drive intense brand awareness & growth.



Burning mechanism

Every 3,500,000 blocks in Binance Smart Chain 1% will be burned from the Ecosystem wallet. This action will lead to a decrease in the total number of $BRBL tokens by 24% in 2 years after the start of the project. As a result, the total supply of Birble tokens in the market will be reduced, while helping stabilize the price.

How Birble Stake-To-Win works


All you need to take part in Stake-To-Win – just hold more than 1000 $BRBL tokens in your wallet and a Birble NFT for that corresponding blockchain during the weekly snap-shot.
Every 7 days the system takes a snapshot of  $BRBL balances at a random time.
Everyone who meets the outlined Tier** will get to divide the Reward Fund,  A 1000 participants tickets every 7 days will be randomly selected as winners!
In order to increase your chances of getting picked as a winners, we recommend collecting more $BRBL Tokens.
NFTs’ are you access pass to our entire ecosystem and are minted for FREE (applicable gas fees apply). You must own the BIRBLE (BRBL) Token in order to mint the Birble NFT. We will launch the NFT collection just prior to the Stake to win platform going live.
The 1st platform to launch will be on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
We will launch phase 2 on Cardano in 2nd Quarter 2023.
The token sale for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is scheduled for October 2022.
Our first series of NFTs on BSC will mint in December 2022 for FREE to grant access to the platform. For more information about the NFTs and how to become a Birble Investment Club members of the platform and all associated benefits, click here. See chart below for details on Tiers work and tokens translate to weekly tickets.






*Tier Terms and conditions subject to change with prior notice

Birble Go Live








Birble Powered Aggregator

Birble Powered Aggregator counts the eligible $BRBL balances and trading volume from each wallet address. This includes the amount of tokens you hold in your wallet, the amount of $BRBL you’ve sent in LP and also any transactions of $BRBL.

There are also $BRBL Power+ levels, designed to incentivize holding and trading more $BRBL tokens. We’ve broken those down into Tiers. The value of every individual ticket (worth 1000 $BRBL) increases as you level up. (This is in addition to outlined traditional tier system outlined above to increase the holders chances of weekly reards based off transaction types)

TOP20 Trading volume


For example: 5000 $BRBL hold x 3 = 15000 $BRBL in one round (37 tickets)




For example: 5000 $BRBL hold x 2.5 = 12500 $BRBL in one round (32 tickets)



For example: 5000 $BRBL hold x 2 = 10000 $BRBL in one round (15 tickets)

TOP20 LP Volume Providers


For example: 5000 $BRBL hold x 1.5 = 7500 $BRBL in one round (9 tickets)


Are You looking for winners lists?

$BRBL Tokenomic

  • Total Supply – 100 000 000 100% 100%
  • Token Sale 20% 20%
  • Liquidity Fund 20% 20%
  • Marketing Fund 8% 8%
  • Team & Advisors 8% 8%
  • Ecosystem 24% 24%
  • Development Fund 20% 20%


Release details
Seed: 20% unlocked before listing, then 10% monthly over 8 months.
Private: 25% unlocked before listing, then 25% monthly over 3 months
Liquidity: 22.22% unlocked before listing, then 8.88% monthly over 5 months, then 6.67% monthly over 1 month, then 4.44% monthly over 6 months
Marketing: 20% unlocked before listing, then 6.67% monthly over 12 months
Team & Foundational tokens: 1 year fully locked, then 25% quarterly.

Stable Token Reward Fund all-time history

Birble Team

We are always glad to consider your candidacy for our team

Oleksii Herasymchyk

Founder and CEO

Olena Karpenko

Solidity DEV

Victor Mykolenko

Front End DEV

Algot Holm

Tech lead and analyst

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