AI Powered
Advertising Model

How it works:

Add Model 

The ADD Model of Birble will be fairly simple, in the beginning any prospective client or partner who is a holder of the Birble token will be able to use the token to purchase add space on our sites along with our partners sites, they will also be joining any social media campaigns we have. As we evolve and grow to other platforms and develop relationships with actual agencies and influencers, these services will also be able to be purchased from us with the Birble token. For example, when we set up a Google Adds Campaign, we will be able to rotate the partners or message any time we see fit in order to maximize the message or include any partners contributing to that particular campaign fund or pool. Again, this is where the use of artificial intelligence can be used to determine the most effective use of a client’s money and to ensure the intended message is actually being delivered. Because there are so many different types of advertising models that can be used along with a variety of platforms and services, we will use a combination of all the different options and let artificial intelligence decide what works best for each individual client and ourselves. Google already has a pretty good artificial intelligence algorithm in place to help guide the prospective client, but it is costly and time consuming while the client tries to figure out what exactly is best for them. So, we decided to build our own Birble Artificial Intelligence Aggregator to refine the results and guide any marketing campaigns. Until we have our aggregator implemented into the market and are still relying on Googles AI. We will use a cooperative structure for the clients and partners to spread the overall cost out amongst the various crypto projects along with the intended message. This a MUST and will cut down on the time involved and the countless dollars wasted on misguided marketing campaigns.
See white paper for full details.

Advertising Solutions

Key Advantages
-Advertise quickly and change add or campaign as need to suite your projects individual needs.
-Advertise within the ecosystem your project is being used and with other projects to create synergy.
-Projects with a smaller budget will finally be able to take part in larger campaigns for a longer period of time.
-Cross promotion between a larger group of participants with custom made conglomerate ads in the same particular sect or niche or even a niche complimenting one another and therefor maximizing a customer's time spent viewing adds.
-Be part of a larger ad pool on a limited budget but still allowing you to reach the desired audience with no contract obligated time line.
- Easily Reach High-intent, High-value Audiences with Predictions Our prediction templates powered by smart machine learning algorithms will help you create intelligent and highly targeted campaigns, so projects and clients can reach the right audience at the right time on the channel that's preferred by them.
- Built-in Analytics and Customer Journey Insights, truly insightful and impactful personalization can only be achieved when customer behavior is understood and anticipated. The Birble AI Aggregator personalization is pre-built with advanced customer journey analytics that visualize and quickly target the right segments, so you're never wasting money.
- Streamlines marketing efforts with Deep learning through Artificial Intelligence allows us to more accurately identify user behavior and predict which segments are more likely to become customers. Programs can provide specific information related to which leads will probably convert, allowing marketers to target their efforts based on detailed demographics, without wasting time on less probable leads again saving money.

How AI is changing Advertising

AI-driven programmatic advertising allows marketers to target more specific audiences with tailored ads, resulting in higher conversion rates.
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AI-powered chatbots can provide personalized customer service and help customers find the right product or service for their needs.
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