Get Birble Tokens

The Birble Tokens will be avialable for purchase on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with BNB, BUSD, WBTC through our partner launchpad.
Birble Tokens will sell for .01usd.

Birble Process

The new standard in crypto rewards

The 3 steps are outlined below for participating in the Birble sale and ultimately in the Birble platform. Birble will be fund raising on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in 4th quarter 2022

Step 1

First all you need to do is acquire the desired amount of tokens. You can purchase Birble on BSC using our partner launchpad link above and connecting your wallet (ex: Metamask).

Step 2

After you have acquired the Birble tokens you will be eligable to mint the FREE Birble NFT on BSC  (Limit 2 per wallet depending on amount of Birble tokens held). Continue to check our website for details about the sale, liquidity, and when the NFTs will be available for mint

Step 3

Once you have your Birble tokens and your Birble NFTs you merely need to HODL! The Birble platform does the rest. The Smart contracts in place takes a periodic snap shots in order to pay out rewards by verifying the wallet holder has the access pass NFT and calculating the number of tokens to be translated into tickets in the rewards pool. Every 7 days 1000 winners will be picked to split the reward pool.

Birble NFTs Coming Soon!

NFT Mint Coming In DEC.

The NFT mint will proceed the release of our own NFT marketplace that will also be launched in 2023 along side our very own bridging application. We will also partner with various DEX’s in order to make swapping of Birble tokens more accessible to the average user. Remember you need Birble tokens in order to take part in the free mint so that you may be part of the ecosystem and everything Birble offers, so get your Birble tokens now at our partner launchpad.

Birble Token Sale

Get your Birble tokens

Fund-raising for Birble is about to begin and the ones who get in early will have exclusive DAO rights and be entitled to air drops on all upcoming blockchains including the Cardano blockchain that launches in 2023. All you have to do is hold your Birble tokens in your wallet and wait for the sign up process to begin later this year.  You will be part of the pioneer force driving development on 5 scheduled blockchains and helping introduce new DAPPs to the ecosystem. Only 20 million Birble tokens will be available for the pre-sale, so act fast. Their is no limit to how many each participant may buy.  Your Voting DAO rights start December 1st, 2022.

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