Birble Investment Club

Making it easy to invest in new crypto projects all controlled by community DAO for total accountability!

Why invest with Birble?

1) How to invest in Birble.
All you have to do is hold 2 Birble NFTs to validate your Birble Investment Club account and as many Birble tokens you would like to commit to Stake-To-Win (Minimum 20,000 tokens). The blockchain you have your tokens and NFTs on will have a smart contract enabled that will do the rest! Through the Birble Aggregator 1k participants will be rewarded every week, amount of rewards  based on amount of Birble token holdings in your wallet. Every 10 weeks all account holders for that particular chain will have been rewarded (estimated).

2) What Birble invest in? Birble will use the “Development Fund” controlled by the community DAO from each blockchain in order to support and launch new projects. In some cases Birble will take portion of the “New Supported Projects” token or NFT in order to air-drop to Birble NFT holders, along with additional perks that may arise from the investor relationship. Birble will essentially build our own applications and partner with new & existing crypto projects in order to maximize the return potential for Birble NFT account holders.

3) How Birble shares with investors.
Birble will reward account holders in many ways:
A) Stake-To-Win DAPP
B) Air-drops of birble tokens, new partner tokens and NFTs
C) Locked liquidity on various trusted DEXs like PancakeSwap.
D) Any profits derived from partner projects will be distributed through the DAO to Birble Investment Club accounts

Birble summary

Birble means to provide a safe and secure platform for the average person to invest in new crypto projects and applications by assuming all the risk, while rewarding account holders through the Stake-To-Win mechanism regardless of the health status of any Birble related investments. Obviously the better Birble investments do, the more rewarded Birble account holders will be compensated. Investments can NOT be guaranteed, this is why Birble will be instituting a DAO immediately in order to over see the investment and expansion to other projects and blockchains. Each time Birble expands to a new chain, new smart contracts, tokens and NFTs will be created to facilitate that particular blockchain with a max of 500m tokens and 50k NFTs across all 5 chains planned out for the next 2 years. Subsequently the deflationary mechanism will reduce the total supply on each corresponding blockchain over the next 2 years to coincide with development and expansion.

The Strategy

The Birble strategy is simple, launch a Stake-To-Win DAPP across multiple blockchains in order to guarantee investor returns and use development funds controlled by community DAO to invest in new projects so that it may increase the investor returns and strength the Birble community as a whole.

  • Birble will set up a grant process to attract new projects & partners.
  • The Birble community DAO will over see all development & investments.
  • All successful investments through Birble partners & projects will be even distributed among the DAO (minus expenses)
  • Birble will run monthly audits for community review.
  • Birble is completely open-source to encourage others to build with us and secure investor confidence.

Results Matter!

 The Birble DAO will always have the option of bringing in paid investment advisors who specialize in cryptographic technology to help consult for the fiduciary responsibility of the community. This action must be voted on through the community DAO by the NFT account holders on that particular blockchain. 


Token Burn Rate


Open-Source & Audited

Blochains over next 2 years


Investor Confidence

Up Coming Projects

Below you will find of few of the newest projects that Birble is investing in to strengthen and reward the Birble community.


BIT5 just launched crypto lottery

Social Media Platform

BoredCrypto is building a Social DAPP


Heroes Battle Arena is building Gamefi


Birble just made investing in crypto projects easy enough for everyone to use and safe enough that every will use.


Let's Work Together!

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