Road Map 2022

Birble Testing & Token Sale

Birble Deploy

Birble 2023

Developmental Time Line

November 2021

-Birble Formed
-Initial concept of reward based investing

January 2022

-Begin testing in sandbox environment

March 2022

-War here in Ukraine greatly hindered our work
-Investors withdraw due to economy uncertainty

July 2022

-Resume testing of smart contracts
-Development of Birble aggregator

August 2022

-New team members added
-Continue testing in sandbox

September 2022

-Move testing to BSC Test-net

October 2022

-Move to BSC Main-net

-Token sale 

November 2022
-Development of partner monetized social media platform
-Registration on Birble website for DAO members
-Stake-To-Win launches 

December 2022
-NFT mint on BSC
-DAO introduction 

January 2023
-Testing of Birble Bridge
-Testing of NFT market place on BSC 


Birble is an absolute game changer for everyone in crypto”

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