Invest In The Future Of Currency

On Each Blockchain
Birble will create a deflationary token to work with the smart contracts deployed to that particular chain.
100 Million Birble Tokens created
Token Sale 20%
Liquidity Fund 20%
Marketing Fund 8%
Team & Advisors 8%
Ecosystem Fund 24%
Development Fund 20%

Why Choose Birble? Why invest with us?

Hyper Deflationary, self-generating automatic reward and development funds that pays out static rewards to holders. Simply hold Birble in your wallet and you will get more on every transaction!

Community INvesting

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Development Fund
Current Size
Wallet Address
Current Investments

Weekly Reward Fund

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Reward Fund
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Wallet Address
Current Rewards

Burn Status

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Every 3,500,000 blocks in Binance Smart Chain 1% will be burned from the Ecosystem wallet. This action will lead to a decrease in the total number of $BRBL tokens by 24% in 2 years after the start of the project. As a result, the total number of tokens in the market will be reduced greatly. We will replicate this feature across all blockchains that we launch our protocol on. All actions from the burning mechanism will be recorded in the archives as well as the monthly audit reports.

How It Works

Staking gives every holders fair Guaranteed Allocation to invest in projects. GA model is broken down into  levels based on the number of Birble you have staked. You can also get free tokens from our incubated projects and partner projects.


DAO voting controls development fund


Weekly rewards paid to NFT holders automatically


Start Investing in the Future!

Our Market Strategy

Birble has created our very play to earn NFT game that encompasses many levels along with being very scalable. Once the game goes on line, the Birble token will be used in game to purchase assets and stake your NFT.

Heroes Battle Arena

Play To Earn

Birble has created our own social media platform call Bored Crypto. The driving force of this social club will be the Birble token, as it will be the promoted payment mechanism for all subscriber content and “my cred”.

Social Media with crypto in mind!

The Birble Market Strategy

The Birbles’ strategy is simple, launch a Stake-To-Win DAPP across multiple blockchains in order to better guarantee investor returns and use development funds controlled by community DAO to invest in new projects so that it may increase the investor returns and strength the Birble ecosystem as a whole.